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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It has been cold..but the fishing is hot!

I thought Virginia was cold...yet recently I've been traveling for work to Wisconsin. My thoughts
go out to those I know who are probably still snow-blowing or shovelling. A picture circulated around in email of a 5 foot drift against a sliding glass door in one of the trader's homes. I promised myself not to tell anyone I talked to out there that the temp in Richmond was a very comfortable 65 degrees. As a result of this mid-west storm, I've been working in my Richmond office. In addition, I've been able to spend more time with my girls and I'm taking a little time to update my blog tonight.
This past Saturday I was treated to a day on the water where I was the guest and not the captain. Well, I may have selected a some of the spots but I didn't have rods to put up, a boat to clean, compartments to dry out or extra bait to freeze. I was welcomed aboard with Jeff who was in from Roanoke to fish the mighty James River for a few days. Jeff is one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with and it had been a good six months or so since we had last seen each other. One thing I always look forward to sharing with Jeff is a good meal. I promise you that if you ever have the invite, take it! No questions asked...It's just something about having a hot meal when you're out in the cold that revitalizes your soul. Saturday's menu was grilled pastrami and cheese sandwiches with deli mustard and pickles. Yes ladies, we did clean our hands first. :-)

We were late getting to where we wanted to fish because of the thick fog on the water. At points simply seeing the just beyond the bow was difficult. Talk about flying by wire. THANK GOD for GPS. Radar would have been helpful too. With radar we could have seen in front of and behind us to make sure we stayed safely out of the way of those other crazies out there driving through it at 50mph. No, I'm not kidding! You should have heard the chatter over he VHF from Henrico police and Boat Tow. However, once we arrived the fishing was red hot. Within an hour we had boated two fish over 40 pounds. See the attached photos of the 49 and 42 pounder.

Also for those of you that follow my site, blog or Facebook pages I've updated my webpage with other photos that I found on my old computer. There are some cool shots of wildlife, things I see on the water and lots of fish. Until next time, keep living your dreams.
Capt. Ralph Magee

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